April 17th  Concert this Monday  at the Yale with Holly Arntzen.

April 20th and 21st  Frankies Jazz Club  (special guest Acoustic Groove on the 21st)  4pm - 6:15pm

April 28th  with Amanda Wood Trio   Gala of Grace

April 30th  Concert with the Pal Chorus and the Home Cookin’ Choir . 

 June 1st and 2nd  Frankie’s Jazz Club  4pm - 6:15pm   

June 3rd  Pender Harbour Blues Festival  

June 7th   Pals Chorus Year End concert “Can’t Stop the Feelin’”

June 15 thru end of July   Bittergirl: The Musical 

August 6th   Dal Richards Orchestra at the Harmony Arts Festival  

August 7th   Diane Lines’ “Jump!” at the Harmony Arts Festival

November 25th Diane Lines’ “Jump!” at Blue Frog Studios, White Rock

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